Notice of Annual or Special Stockholders' Meetings

Annual Stockholders Meetings (ASM/AGM)

The Annual Shareholder's Meeting is held on the last Tuesday of May every year. But for justifiable reasons, SEC allows companies like Meralco to reschedule their meeting to a more convenient date when necessary.

The Notice of Meeting sent to all stockholders contains the place and time of meeting and the agenda.

Stockholders who cannot attend the meeting or vote in person can send a signed proxy form authorizing another person to attend and vote in the meeting. Meralco must receive the proxy form not later than twenty (20) days before the scheduled meeting.

Attached as reference are sample forms. Please note that these are being provided merely for informational purposes and/or in order to assist the company's stockholders. The company may solicit proxies if it has been given clearance to do so by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

To view and/or download the sample forms, please click the links below: 

Proxy Form (Individual)
Proxy Form (Corporate)
Proxy Form (PCD Participant)
Consent Form (Beneficial Owner)
In addition, the audited financial statements and other information of interest to the stockholders are sent together with the notice.

Nominations to the Board must be filed with the Office of the Corporate Secretary, 8/F Lopez Building, Meralco Compound, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines.

Notice of AGM and Detailed Agenda

May 26, 2015
Notice of 2015 AGM with Detailed Agenda
May 27, 2014
Notice of 2014 AGM with Detailed Agenda
May 28, 2013
Notice of 2013 AGM with Detailed Agenda

Important Notice: Adjusted delivery of July electric bills

In our efforts to provide better value for our customers, we will reflect lower distribution rates this July upon receipt of the  approval of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). In line with this, we have requested the ERC for an immediate approval of our  lower distribution rates  to allow us to reflect the same in your July electric bills.

In this regard, please be advised that there may be a slight adjustment in the delivery of your July electric bills. Meralco customers who might be affected are those who receive their bills during the first half of every month. Please also note that your July bill due date has been adjusted to avoid inconvenience on your part.
For further information please click on this link.

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