Account Types

Below are the different rate classes applicable to distinct customer groups – these are defined according to the purpose of use, load characteristics, and rate. With this information, you will be able to identify the appropriate rate class to be applied for your particular account.
Meralco charges includes Distribution, Supply and Metering Charges. Meralco rates vary according to rate class and voltage level.

Residential Service (RS)

Residential customers for all domestic purposes in a single family dwelling [a dwelling unit is considered as having one (1) kitchen]; individually metered apartments and those facilities for not more than a three (3) family structure or compound which are used in common when connected to the meter serving one of the apartments; residential family dwellings in a family compound served under a single meter; a single family dwelling when the family accommodates non-members provided the floor space occupied by the non-members is not more than that (floor space of common use excluded) occupied by the family; also temporary service for the construction of a single family dwelling, all including accessory facilities (garage, servants’ quarters, pumps, swimming pools, etc.) served through the same meter which serve the premises to which they are accessory. 

General Service (GS)

Non-industrial and industrial customers with a connected load of less than 40 kilowatts for general power, heating and/or lighting. 

General Power (GP)

Non-industrial and industrial customers with a minimum demand of forty (40) kilowatts for general power, heating and/or lighting.  

Government Hospitals, Metered Streetlights and Charitable Institutions (GHMSCI)

Government-owned metered street lighting services for public streets; government-owned hospitals duly registered and certified by Department of Health (DoH); as well as other parks under the National Park Development Committee for general lighting, heating and/or power purposes; facilities of charitable institutions duly registered and certified by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD); as well as all government-owned traffic lights within the territory being served by the Company.

Flat Streetlights

Company-owned luminaires which shall be installed by the Company and mounted on existing distribution poles


Embedded generators connected to the distribution utility system with a minimum capacity of forty (40) kilowatts.