New Meralco Bill Guidelines

General Information


We are continuously looking for ways to make our processes and systems more efficient and better attuned to your evolving needs and to the changing business environment. With our recent improvements, innovations in SMS, web and mobile will soon be made possible and available to you for more convenient transactions.

To further enhance your customer experience, we have improved the design of your monthly electric bill, making all relevant information available at a glance. Please click on this link to view the brochure detailing each of these bill enhancements.

Kindly ensure that all payments are up-to-date to avoid any inconveniences during the transition period.

For questions and clarifications regarding the changes in your Meralco bill, you may get in touch with your Business Center, reach us through our hotline 16211.

CIS Project


The Customer Information System (CIS) is a new system being implemented by Meralco to address the current limitations of its Customer Management System (CMS) and to be better attuned with customers' evolving needs brought about by the changing business environment and innovations in technology.
CMS is the single repository of MERALCO's 5.3 million residential, general service, small commercial/industrial, and flat streetlight customer records. It handles the processing of customer transactions such as receipt and processing of service applications, creation of customer records and contract details, billing, receipt of payment and handling of customer complaints. It also records field activities related to the electric service of customers and provides data to MERALCO's financial system, thereby serving as the subsidiary ledger for billing and payment transactions for energy bills. Further, it integrates with other internal (e.g., outage system, work order system, and Map guide) and external systems (e.g., meter reading contractors and third party collecting agents).
CMS is a 15-year old system implemented in 1997 and as such, is already technologically obsolete. Because of this, it has been difficult for MERALCO to meet customer, industry, technology and regulatory requirements.
CIS was proposed to and subsequently approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to address the risks and limitations associated with obsolete technology and to enable MERALCO to address customer requirements that cannot be handled by CMS. CIS will feature the following:
  • More informative billing statement (accumulated amount due, withholding amount)
  • Better handling of customer concerns because of a consolidated view of all customer touch points    (inquiries, requests, complaints)
  • Account based handling of payments and credits, instead of the current service-based
Once CIS is implemented and becomes stable this year, more features will be unveiled to support the launching of more products and services to continuously enhance customer experience.

CIS Schedule and Coverage

CIS will be implemented in phases. A pilot project was implemented in August 2013 at two (2) Business Centers (BCs) namely, Balagtas and Balintawak BCs. Customer records under these BCs have already migrated to CIS.

There will be two (2) rollouts to fully implement CIS to the remaining customers. Please see the table for the schedule of the BCs per phase:

Rollout 1
(February 2014)
Rollout 2
(April 2014)
1. Baliwag (San Miguel Extension)
2. Commonwealth
3. Espana
4. Kamuning (Araneta / Ali Mall Extension)
5. Makati
6. Malabon (Caloocan Auxilliary)
7. Malate (Pasay Auxiliary)
8. Malolos (Plaridel Extension)
9. Mandaluyong
10. Novaliches (Camarin Auxilliary)
11. Pasig
12. Roosevelt
13. Sta Maria (San Jose Del Monte and Sapang Palay Extensions)
14. Tutuban
15. Valenzuela
1. Alabang (Metropolis and United Paranaque Extensions)
2. Angono (Tanay Extensions)
3. Bacoor
4. Batangas
5. Cainta (Masinag Auxiliary)
6. Calamba (Los Banos Extension)
7. Dasmarinas (Gen. Mariano Alvarez Extension, Paliparan Customer Center and TagaytayAuxilliary)
8. Las Pinas (Paranaque Auxilliary)
9. Lucena (Mauban PO)
10. Marikina (San Mateo PO)
11. Rosario (TreceMartirez Extension)
12. San Pablo (Sta. Cruz Auxilliary)
13. San Pedro (Sta. Rosa / Abello Center)

To find out if you are included in the CIS rollout in February, please check your Meralco bill for your assigned Business Center.

Meter Reading Schedule

With the implementation of CIS, certain adjustments have been made to your meter reading schedule in February. Please see the table below for the adjusted schedule.
Billing Group Normal Reading Schedule Adjusted Schedule Number of billing days in February Normal Reading Schedule in March Number of billing days in March
1 6-Feb 9-Feb 34 6-Mar 25
2 7-Feb 10-Feb 34 7-Mar 25
3 8-Feb 10-Feb 33 8-Mar 26
4 10-Feb 11-Feb 32 10-Mar 27
5 11-Feb 11-Feb 31 11-Mar 28
6 12-Feb same 31 12-Mar 28
7 13-Feb same 31 13-Mar 28
8 14-Feb same 31 14-Mar 28
9 15-Feb same 31 15-Mar 28
10 17-Feb same 31 17-Mar 28
11 18-Feb same 31 18-Mar 28
12 19-Feb same 31 19-Mar 28
13 20-Feb same 31 20-Mar 28
14 21-Feb same 31 21-Mar 28
15 22-Feb same 31 22-Mar 28
16 24-Feb same 31 24-Mar 28
17 25-Feb same 31 25-Mar 28
18 26-Feb same 31 26-Mar 28
19 27-Feb same 31 27-Mar 28
20 28-Feb same 31 28-Mar 28
21 28-Feb same 31 28-Mar *29
Note: Customers usually receive their bills within 1-3 days after meter reading 

*Number of billing days in January is 30 days instead of 31 days.

Normal meter reading schedule will resume in March. Please note that the changes in the reading schedule may result in bill fluctuations, depending on the rate fluctuations per month. Rest assured, however, that your bills are computed proportionately as prescribed by regulation.


Important Reminder: Always bring your electric bill when paying, to avoid any inconveniences.
Due to the recent bill enhancements, those who pay through the different electronic payment options - online, ATM, phone banking or mobile banking - may need to enroll their new account number to continue paying through these options.
Below are the details on our payment options:
  1. Paying at Meralco Offices

    • Check payments should be payable to "Meralco" or "Manila Electric Company". At the back of the check, write your Account No., Name of Contact Person and Contact Number.

  2. Paying thru Accredited Collection Partners

    You may pay your electric bills through the following:

    Over the Counter: Bayad Center, LBC, SM, Accredited Banks

    Internet Banking: BancNet, Banco de Oro (BDO), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), China Banking Corporation (China Bank), Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Metrobank, Philippine National Bank (PNB), United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), Union Bank of the Philippines

    Phone Banking: BancNet, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), China Banking Corporation (China Bank), Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Philippine National Bank (PNB), United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)

    ATM: BancNet, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Megalink, Philippine National Bank (PNB), United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), Union Bank of the Philippines

    Mobile Banking: Globe G-Cash, SMART Money

    Pay on or before your due date. All our accredited collection partners will accept payment for accounts without overdue bills.

    Payments received through accredited collection partners will be applied to the oldest unpaid bill under your Meralco account. If you wish your payment to be applied otherwise, please pay directly at Meralco business centers. Please ensure that your payments are up-to-date to avoid any inconveniences.

    • Instructions on Enrolment for Internet, Phone, ATM and Mobile Banking

      Before paying your new Meralco bill through the electronic payment options, please determine if you previously enrolled your Meralco SIN with the Collection Partner.

      If there was previous enrolment, please follow the Collection Partner's instructions on how to delete the previous enrolment and how to enroll the new Account Number.

      You may also refer to the table below for the latest information provided by our collection partners regarding their electronic payment options enrollment:
      Collection Partner Enrolment required? What Number to Enroll
      BPI YES 2nd to 11th digits of the ATM/Phone Reference No.
      (Click here for detailed instructions from BPI)
      BDO First 11 digits of the ATM/Phone Reference No
      All others NO N.A.

      *Enrolment is available but optional

    • Instructions on how to pay your bills electronically

      For Payment thru Collection Partners Requiring Enrolment: After approval of your enrolment, input the last five (5) digits of your ATM/Phone Reference No. and the exact Total Current Amount found in your Meralco bill.

      For Payment thru Collection Partners Not Requiring Enrolment: Input the 16-digit ATM/Phone Reference No. and the exact Total Current Amount found in your Meralco bill.

    • Resolution for Cases of Double Payments/Over Payments

      Double payments and over payments shall be automatically applied to future bill/s.​

  3. Paying through Automatic Payment Arrangement (APA)

    • For customers currently enrolled in Automatic Payment Arrangement (auto debit or auto charge) with our partner banks or credit card companies

      Rest assured that we are directly coordinating the change from your old SIN to your new Account Number with your authorized payment agent to ensure that all transactions remain seamless.

      We encourage you to double check your enrolled bank account or credit card account and ensure that your balance is sufficient to cover your total amount due.

      In case of insufficient funds, a disconnection notice will be sent for any unpaid bills.

      It is important to note that due to the transition, you may experience a delay in the deduction or charging of your February bill payment by your bank or credit card company. Please inquire with your specific bank or credit card company about their timelines regarding this and its effect on your bank account or credit card account.
    • For customers wishing to enroll in APA

      Avoid the hassle of worrying about your Meralco bill every month by enrolling in Automatic Payment Arrangement with any of our accredited banks and credit card companies:

      Banks: Allied Bank, Banco de Oro (BDO), Bank of the Philippine Islands, Citibank, Security Bank, United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), Union Bank of the Philippines

      Credit Card Companies: American Express Credit Card, BDO Master Card, BPI Credit Card, Citibank Card, Diner’s Club Card, Eastwest Bank, Equicom Savings Card, Metrobank Card, PNB Credit Card, Security Bank Mastercard, Standard Chartered Credit Card, Unionbank Visa

      The reference number to enroll is your 9-digit Account Number followed by the 1-digit check number (see image below):

    • For Authorized Withholding Agents (AWA) enrolled in APA

      Automatic Charging Arrangement (ACA)

      In view of our strict compliance to the provision under BIR Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 72-2004 quoted below, please be advised that beginning your November billing cycle, all your payments through credit card will no longer be subject to withholding tax.

      "Q20. If the payment for the purchase of goods or services to their regular suppliers by the TTC/GO/LT is through credit card or through company issued credit card to officers/employees for purposes of reimbursements, will the TTC/GO/LT be required to withhold the tax when it presents the credit card to the supplier?

      A20. The TTC/GO/LT is not required to withhold the tax upon presentation of the credit card to the supplier. The TTC/GO/LT, however, is required to withhold the 2% expanded withholding tax corresponding to the interest payment and/or service fee and other charges imposed by the credit card company. The credit card company, on the other hand, shall withhold 1% of 50% of the gross amount paid to any business entity pursuant to Section 2.57.2(L) of RR 2-98, as amended."

      In the event that your credit limit is insufficient to cover your electric bill, please settle your payment directly with Meralco. Direct payments by customers, who are AWAs, are then entitled to 2% withholding tax. The exact withholding tax amount is reflected in the printed bill (as CWT amount) for your reference. Please submit your BIR Form 2307 upon payment.

      Automatic Debiting Arrangement (ADA)

      AWAs are required to submit the BIR Form 2307 and/or BIR Form 2306 monthly, upon payment of the electric bill. Non-submission will nullify the deduction of the 5% Final Withholding VAT (FWV) and/or 2% Creditable Withholding Tax (CWT). The corresponding amount will be reflected in your next billing statement as Balance from Previous Billing.

Meralco SMS Service

The Meralco SMS Service aims to provide customers information on their monthly meter reading, billing and payment details through text messages. Upon enrollment, you will receive FREE SMS notification on your current monthly bill amount, due date and arrears. You will also receive FREE reminders before and after the due date if the bill remains unpaid.
To subscribe to the Meralco SMS Service, text
MERALCOBILLON12-digit Service ID No.Customer's nameLatest bill amount and send to 71716211 for SMART and Talk N' Text subscribers and 0920-9716211 for non-SMART subscribers. It is important to follow the request format.
You will be charged P1.00 per subscription attempt.
Example: MERALCO BILL ON 100000001/Juan dela Cruz/1000.00
Other information that you can request via the Meralco SMS Service:

Information Keyword SEND TO
SMART and Talk N' Text Non-SMART and TNT Subscriber
Previous month's bill amount INFO PM PAMT 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Present month's bill amount INFO PM CAMT 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Bill due date/DN due date INFO PM DUE 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
ATM reference number INFO PM REF 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Bill status INFO PM STAT 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Next meter reading schedule INFO MR SKED 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Previous month's meter reading INFO MR PRDG 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Present month's meter reading INFO MR CRDG 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Previous month's kWh consumption INFO MR PKWH 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Present month's kWh consumption INFO MR CKWH 12-digit SIN 70016211 0920-9716211
Other concerns BILL FDBACK 70016211 0920-9716211
Unsubscribe MERALCO BILL OFF 12-digit SIN/Name/Latest Bill Amount 70016211 0920-9716211
List of meter reading services INFO MR 71716211 0920-9716211
More information on payments INFO PM 71716211 0920-9716211
List of other payment options INFO PM OPT 71716211 0920-9716211
List of accredited banks for ATM payment INFO PM OPT ATM 71716211 0920-9716211
List of accredited banks for phone banking INFO PM OPT PHB 71716211 0920-9716211
List of banks that receive Meralco over-the-counter INFO PM OPT OTC 71716211 0920-9716211
List of accredited ADA partners INFO PM OPT ADA 71716211 0920-9716211
List of accredited credit institutions INFO PM OPT ACA 71716211 0920-9716211
Info on mobile banking (Smart and Globe subscribers only) INFO PM OPT MOB 71716211 0920-9716211
List of accredited banks for internet banking INFO PM OPT NET 71716211 0920-9716211

​E-Meralco Bill

  • The improved electric bill design will also be viewable online. You may now view your monthly electric bill by logging-in to your E-Meralco Bill account using your existing username ID and password. You may also enroll another service under your account.
  • Use your new 12-digit Service ID Number (SIN) to enroll your services to an E-Meralco Bill account and retrieve lost log-in ID or password.
  • Click on the account number to view all E-Meralco Bill enrolled services under your account.
 Log in or Sign up for an E-Meralco Bill Account