Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

To sustain Meralco’s long-range plans, consistent growth and strong financial position, it is important that the directors, officers, and all employees adhere to and implement a Code of Ethics (Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics, COE). 

The COE charts the operation of all the Company’s organizations, business centers, and sectors towards the same direction, under the same principles of fairness, accountability, integrity and transparency. 

In 2010, the COE was revised to include important provisions such as risk management and internal control. A Company-wide orientation was conducted for all employees for a thorough understanding of and personal commitment to the revised COE. The COE was translated in Filipino and the document was given the title "Ang Binagong Kodigo ng Etika". It was released on January 27, 2012 to strengthen employee understanding of the COE and reinforce their commitment to it.

Code of Ethics (Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics, COE)
Ang Binagong Kodigo ng Etika