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A. Shareholders

Meralco recognizes its responsibility to protect its shareholders’ rights by creating value and ensuring sustainable growth in business. Meralco upholds their rights to obtain relevant information about Meralco in a timely and regular basis.

Meralco’s financial performance and prospects are regularly reported to the SEC and PSE. These reports are immediately made public through press releases and postings in the Meralco’s website.

Investors’ briefings are held quarterly, where equity and credit analysts of both local and foreign-based institutions are invited. Analysts who are unable to attend in person participate through a teleconference facility with playback feature available up to three days after the event. Members of Senior Management make themselves available for meetings with institutional investors through Company visits, teleconferences, briefings and attendance in local and international investor conferences.

Press/media briefings are likewise held regularly to report on Meralco’s operating and financial results to the various representatives of media, particularly from the television, print and wire agencies. Such briefings are venues for Management to answer questions and clarify issues prior to the release of information to the public.

Shareholders and investors are provided with adequate facilities to communicate with Meralco through telephone, mail, electronic mail, and website, The Investor Relations Office supervises the investors’ briefings and attends to institutional investors’ needs. Stockholder Affairs Office attends to the inquiries and other concerns of shareholders, including the distribution of Notice and Agenda of the Annual General Meeting, or AGM, at least 30 days before the said meeting. Notices were sent on April 27, 2011, 34 days before the 2011 AGM on May 31, 2011.

Meralco also adheres to its commitment to maintain a fair and competitive return to its investors. Meralco has a dividend policy approved by the Board which was ratified by the shareholders in 2010. The policy provides for payment of regular dividends equivalent to 50% of core earnings, which may be supplemented by a special dividend determined on a “look-back” basis. Any declaration and payment of special dividend shall be dependent on the availability of unrestricted retained earnings and availability of free cash. The details of the cash dividend pay-outs are included in Note 18 to the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements.

The voting procedure in the AGM is as follows: (a) the matters in the agenda require the affirmative vote of qualified stockholders. Each common stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for each share; (b) in the election of directors, each qualified stockholder may accumulate and distribute his votes in accordance with the Corporation Code of the Philippines; (c) voting and counting of votes shall be by balloting, show of hands or viva voce. Auditors and inspectors appointed by the Board will be present to canvass and inspect ballots.

Based on Meralco’s stock and transfer book, the security ownership as at December 31, 2011 of certain record and beneficial owners of more than 5% of any class of its voting securities is as follows:


Annual General Meeting

The AGM serves as a venue to report to and engage the shareholders, as well as to clarify issues in the presence of the Board, Management, external auditors, and shareholders. Shareholders are encouraged to personally attend the AGM and if unable to do so, are advised of their right to appoint a proxy on their behalf. Notarization of a proxy is not required but has to comply with the requirements of law, in particular, the Corporation Code and SRC, pertinent rules and regulations, By-Laws, and rules and policies adopted by the Board.

The AGM held on May 31, 2011 was attended, in person or proxy, by stockholders who owned or held a total of over 949 million shares or approximately 84% of the 1,127 million total issued and outstanding common shares of Meralco entitled to vote.

The Chairman of the Board, Ambassador Manuel M. Lopez, presided over the meeting. All of the members of the Board elected at the AGM, except for Mr. Ray C. Espinosa and Mr. Napoleon L. Nazareno, were present.

B. Employees

Meralco is committed to the development and welfare of its employees. As the Company sustains its efforts in building a high performance culture to fully respond to the requirements of the new business environment, employees are continuously trained and developed to enable them to achieve excellent performance founded on our corporate values. Career development programs are implemented to ensure professional growth through skills and job enrichment opportunities, learning and development programs, performance management and promotions systems. Employees are compensated based on performance and over-all qualifications and market competitiveness. Adequate provisions for medical, health and other essential benefits; and workplace safety are provided to promote employee welfare and well-being. Uprightness and impartiality are observed in conflict resolution. HR Programs for our employees are continuously reviewed and enhanced to ensure their over-all effectiveness and responsiveness.

The Company is further committed in sustaining and/or further enhancing the high level of engagement of employees. Guided by the results of an employee engagement survey conducted, focused and deliberate initiatives are undertaken to help ensure employees job satisfaction and motivation. Employee communication is strengthened to keep employees well-informed on significant developments. Employees are likewise encouraged to give feedback and suggestions to Management to further improve corporate and operational performance, promoting employee accountability and empowerment.

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C. Subsidiaries

As one of Meralco’s five strategic business pillars, the subsidiaries contribute significantly in boosting shareholder value.

The Subsidiary Management Policy continues to serve as the guidebook in creating and managing subsidiaries based on the criteria and principles embodied in the Revised Manual of Corporate Governance, Code of Ethics, and existing laws, rules and regulations.

In 2011, Meralco continued to strengthen the good governance practice of its subsidiaries by strongly advocating the need for each subsidiary to adopt its own Manual of Corporate Governance. Specifically, the subsidiaries were provided with a template based on the requirements stipulated in the SEC Revised Code of Corporate Governance and the Revised Manual of Corporate Governance to assist each subsidiary in developing and adopting its own manual.

D. Other Stakeholders

​Meralco seriously considers the impact of business decisions on the interests of its shareholders and other stakeholders. The Declaration of Corporate Principle of the Company’s Revised Manual of Corporate Governance specifically mentions: “The Company…uphold(s) an ethical culture that will protect and promote the best interest of the Company for the common benefit of the Company’s stockholders and other stakeholders. ” The Company also protects and maintains good relationsthe with its suppliers and creditors based on mutual respect and benefit. The Company strives to foster long-term stability, direct and open relation, and continuous development with suppliers to attain quality, competitiveness, process efficiency and performance reliability; foster governance principles in all of its business dealings with them; and seek, encourage and prefer suppliers whose business practices respect human dignity and the environment.

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