Do you meet the following criteria?

  1. You are the official owner or occupant (tenant) of the address being applied for
  2. The address that you are applying for is physically separate from adjacent addresses that already have electric service. (click this link to know more)
  3. You have no previous illegal connection cases with Meralco.


Applying can be easy. Start off by submitting the following:

  1. Your application form, which you may download here or get at any Meralco Branch Office and in selected Bayad Center
  2. Original Copy of wiring permit(Wiring permits can be secured from the office of the building official in your respective city or municipality)
  3. Original copies and Photocopies of the following documents:
    • One Valid ID
    • Examples are Driver’s License, SSS, GSIS, TIN Card, Passport, Philhealth, PRC, Firearm License, NBI Clearance or Barangay Certificate with picture
    • Proof of Ownership / Occupancy
    • Examples are Transfer Certificate of Title, Deed of Sale or Contract of Lease
    • Notarized Undertaking from the Building Owner (if you want the account to be named after you).
    • Click this link for the downloadable form.
  4. Bill Deposit

The bill deposit is equivalent to one month’s billing. Please call the Meralco Call Center at 16211 or visit the Branch nearest you to get an estimate.

After you have prepared the requirements, please visit the Branch to start the application process–it’s that simple!

Step-by-Step Process

Do you have all your required documents ready? Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Submit the application form and the required documents.
  2. Get a Service Application Number. This would be your reference whenever you call the branch or Call Center to inquire about your application.

    REMEMBER: If necessary, the branch will survey your area to check its conditions. Based on these findings, the Branch might require other documents.
  3. Pay your Bill Deposit.
  4. Sign the Electric Service Contract. The contract shall only take effect after the energization of your service.
  5. Get the meter socket. A meter socket must first be issued by your Branch before you can construct the service entrance. The Branch shall provide you a Service Application Brochure for your step-by-step reference.
  6. Construct the Service Entrance. Click this link for a downloadable copy of the Service Entrance diagram, which indicates the standard requirements of Meralco. REMEMBER: Ensure that you use the correct materials and that the construction follows the Meralco standard.
  7. Call the branch or the Meralco Call Center after you have installed the meter socket, and give your Service Application Number. Shortly after your call, the Branch will send a Field Representative to check your service entrance.
    The Field Representative will give you a yellow card, which will state if your service entrance installation is approved or not. If not approved, the yellow card will also indicate the necessary actions for correcting the installation.

    REMEMBER: If there is something that needs revision in the installation, ensure that the recommendation of the Meralco Field Representative (written in the yellow card) is followed. Don’t forget to inform the branch or the Meralco Call Center after the installation has been corrected. The Branch will again send its Field Representative to check on the service entrance.
  8. Submit the Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) to the Branch.

    After your installation has been approved by the Field Representative, secure a CFEI from your respective city hall or municipal hall, and submit it to the branch.
  9. Enjoy the benefits of electricity!

Your meter will be installed in 2 to 3 working days, and your service entrance will be energized in your or your representative’s presence. Congratulations, you are now a beloved Meralco consumer!