Implementing Guidelines

Vendors must set an appointment with the concerned Meralco group or representative in advance in order to ensure a more efficient process. Appointments may be made via phone, letter, or email to our procurement office.

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Change in Vendor Information

‚ÄčIt is the vendors' responsibility to contact Meralco when there are changes in the vendor file, such as company name, address, telephone number, email address, fax number, contact person, or the commodity they are able to provide. Changes must be stated in writing and provided on official company stationery and accompanied by a Secretary Certificate or Board Resolution if applicable. Bids received with a different address other than that on file will not be considered an official change.

Meralco should not be held responsible for the vendor’s non-invitation in the bidding as a result of the vendor’s inability to update their contact information.

Conflict of Interest

Meralco will not knowingly issue a purchase order when there is evidence of a conflict of interest. In in-stances when a conflict may exist but its existence is not clearly established, Meralco will seek the opinion of its Legal Office and Corporate Governance Office whose decision will be considered final.

Emergency Purchases

Emergency purchases are sometimes necessary due to breakdown of equipment or other unforeseen event, which may affect the operation of Meralco. For this reason, Meralco (through authorized offices and personnel) may seek the vendor's assistance to provide materials and services even without the immediate presence of a purchase order. Incidents like this will prove the vendor's reliability and will enhance its relationship with Meralco. Emergency purchases will be awarded only to vendors who are reliable and capable of providing immediate requirements.