Inquiry, Evaluation & Award

Bid Documents

The basic bid documents are as follows:
  • The Letter Request for Bid
  • Specifications for commodity or service being purchased
  • Terms and conditions governing the bid
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Material Drawings
Meralco may provide other documents that it may deem necessary for the vendor to provide an accurate bid.

Invitation to Bid

​Bids are solicited for goods or services through the issuance of Letter Request for Bid or through SAP-SUS which serves as the bid invitation.

The bidder will be informed by the Procurement Office through online services, telephone or e-mail. The physical copy of the bid invitations are available and distributed at the reception area of the Procurement Office.

In case of foreign-funded tenders, bid invitations may be published in a newspaper of general circulation for at least two (2) days.

Meralco reserves the right not to invite a vendor who has previously failed to complete contracts of similar nature or have quality issues on their previously supplied products or services.

​Pre-Bid Conferences

Pre-bid conferences are held to familiarize the vendor with the requirements specified by Meralco. It gives Meralco the opportunity to discuss with the bidders the details of the requirements, to clear out other bidding issues, and allow bidders to make clarifications on technical or commercial matters regarding the bid.

Attendance in all of the pre-bid meetings is mandatory. If not attended, it will prevent the vendor's firm from bidding.

Vendors are advised to attend the pre-bid conference in order to obtain further information about the requirements and hear the queries of other vendors first-hand.

Addenda may be issued to the bid based on the discussions that took place during these meetings.


Delivery Preference

As a matter of preference, vendors will quote Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) Meralco site (in Philippine peso) for items acquired locally; Indent items will be quoted in Cost and Freight (CFR), Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) Manila or DDU Meralco site.

Delivery Dates

Unless already specified, the bidder should always state the definite number of days for delivery. The time required for delivery is an important factor in determining who will be awarded the bid.

Submission of Bids

The bids, signed by the vendor's authorized representative, will be submitted online or in a sealed envelope on or before the bid due date and time. The bid reference number and the bid due date must be clearly noted on the exterior of the envelope. Bids, quotes, or proposals (referred as bids throughout) will be submitted personally.

A bid submitted in the form of facsimile is an exception to the above requirements. This will be allowed only if it is impossible for the vendor to submit the bid before the close of the transaction day on the bid due date. However, the vendor must first advise and receive the approval of the head of Procurement Office for his intention to submit his bid via facsimile. The vendor will also acknowledge the risk of submitting unsealed bids since facsimile is not a secured medium of submitting bids.

​Bid Evaluation & Award

​Meralco reserves the right to award the contract or purchase order to the vendor who meets the specification requirements and who submits the most favorable offer. Meralco also has the option to split the award among several acceptable bidders, whichever is best for the interest of the company.