Policies on Quality


To help realize the company's vision of becoming a world-class organization and to fulfill its mission and objectives, Meralco strives to enrich the corporate culture and institutionalize quality systems and processes to meet or exceed its customer requirements and expectations. Meralco's quest for quality service is also affected by the quality of products and services that it acquires from its vendors. Thus, Meralco wishes to extend these principles of quality to its vendors.

Definition of Quality

Quality is defined as the characteristic of the product or service to be free from deficiencies to satisfy implied needs. Quality means customer satisfaction. To attain quality, the company must have a clear understanding of the customer needs and expectations and must be able to incorporate these into the products and services it renders. This activity basically involves translating raw data the company gathers from various means (i.e., customer survey, forecasting, etc.) into operational terms and cascading them to all processes. The final product or service will comply with the customer's requirements.

Continuous Quality Improvement

​Continuous quality improvement exists when specific methods or processes that inherently and effectively bring out ongoing improvement are in place. These methods should; (a) prevent the occurrence of defects or errors, and; (b) promote customer feedback internally as well as externally. The attitude of constantly aiming for perfection, by continuously striving for small incremental improvements, is a part of Meralco's culture that it would also like to instill in its vendors.