e-Meralco Bill

The e-Meralco Bill is an easy, convenient and secure way to view and monitor your monthly electric bills online. Sign-up for a web account to receive e-mail notifications on your new bill, to view current and past bills and to analyze your monthly consumption for the past 12 months. 


Why subscribe to e-Meralco Bill?

  • View your current bill 2 days after your bill date
  • Monitor past bills and payment activity
  • Receive e-mail notification on your new bill
  • Analyze your energy use for the past 12 months with your consumption graph
  • Keep your billing details safe with your password protected e-Meralco Bill web account
  • Access billing info using Meralco Virtual Engine (MoVE) app with your registered username and password
  • Enroll multiple services (up to 25 services) for easy viewing of bills

How do I sign up?

For new enrollments, please click HERE.

For further inquiries regarding enrollment, please contact our Call Center hotline at 16211.

For existing users, log-in here. You can update your contact information here.

e-Meralco Bill Frequently Asked Questions