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Kuryente Watch

Be vigilant. Report power pilferers through Kuryente Watch.

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Peak/Off-Peak (POP)

Learn more about the Meralco Peak/Off-Peak program.

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Solar and Net Metering

Meralco shines the light on solar energy.

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Applying For Service

Apply for service now and benefit from the energy solutions that would fit your home or business needs.

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e-Meralco Bill

No need to wait until the end of the month. Register now and access your bill anytime you want.

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Payment Options

Know more about Meralco’s different payment options and channels.

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Download the Meralco Virtual Engine (MoVE) app and start tracking your bills, computing your appliances'
power consumption, learning power-saving tips, and more.

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Orange Tag

Find out the estimated energy consumption of common appliances

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POP Simulator

Find out just how much and your company can save with the Peak/Off-Peak pricing option.

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