Peak / Off-Peak (POP)

Meralco’s Peak / Off-Peak (POP) rates program (formerly known as “Time of Use” or “TOU”) is an alternative energy pricing scheme that is based on the time of day electricity is generated and on the cost of supplying electricity during that time. With this pricing scheme, Meralco customers can avail of lower generation costs in their total electricity rate during pre-defined off-peak hours:  
Monday to Saturday 8 am to 9 pm (13 hours) 9 pm to 8 am (11 hours)
Sunday 6 pm to 8 pm (2 hours) 8 pm to 6 pm (22 hours)
Compared to standard rates, the POP program more accurately reflects the cost of electricity generation during specific time periods.
For further information on Meralco’s Peak/Off-Peak program, visit our microsites by clicking on these links: Biz and Corporate