How to save P60K on your aircon

2 minute read

2 Things Meralco Found Out About Aircons that will save you P60k


Meralco has tested more than 300 aircons in the last 5 years, using its Power Lab facility that can simulate various room sizes. And it has some very interesting findings.

  1. If the last 10 years is any indication, technology dramatically improves efficiency and after 5 years, so it becomes more cost efficient to replace an aircon after 5 years. We tested a 5-year-old 1HP aircon (P7.50 per hour of use) versus a new one (P3.75 per hour). If you use the AC for 8 hours per day, you save P900 per month*. If a new one costs 20K, it would have paid for itself in less than 2 years.


  2. Under or oversizing your aircon relative to your room size or dimensions will cost you an extra P1,000 a month*. That’s P60k in five years. If you buy a small aircon (say 0.5HP) for a big room (say 30sqm), yes that small aircon will be able to cool the room soon enough, but it will cost you because its compressor will be working all the time. If you do the reverse, say install a 1.5HP aircon in a 6 sqm. room, it will still cost you P1,000 more per month because its compressor will be cycling more, which drives consumption.

The lesson here? The older your AC is, the more energy it will consume compared to the newer models. And an oversized or undersized AC will give you additional costs on your monthly bill! Manage your consumption with these energy efficiency tips so YOU have the power this summer!


*All tips, costs to operate, and savings were tested by the Meralco Power Lab