Tips for the Road

Tips for the Road
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E-vehicles: The road to energy efficient travel in the metro 

With rising gas prices shooting up the cost of consumer goods throughout the country, Filipinos have been looking for innovative and cost and energy efficient means to getting around the metro. E-vehicles are proving to be an energizing discovery for many.  


These lightweight innovations can run up to 20 kilometers on a full charge. Most models are usually foldable making them easy to carry around the office. 


Typical models are comparable to 125cc Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) motorcycles and can run up to 134 kilometers on a full charge. 

What makes e-scooters & e-motorcycles cost and energy efficient? 

E-scooters & E-motorcycles are powered solely by rechargeable batteries and electric motors, unlike ICE motorcycles that are powered by gasoline. Using electricity to power a vehicle is more cost efficient - you can save up to 95% per 10km of travel.  

Here’s a comparison of E-scooters and E-motorcycles vs an ICE motorcycle: 

  E-Scooter1 E-Motorcycle2 ICE Motorcycle3
Cost per kilometer (Php / km) PHP 0.09 PHP 0.44 PHP 2.15
Cost per day (10 km) PHP 1.00 PHP 4.40 PHP 21.50
Cost per month (22 working days)  PHP 22.00 PHP 96.80 PHP 473.00
Savings per month vs gas  PHP 451.00 PHP 376.20  

1Based on Meralco Power Lab tests on Segway 0.3kW E-Scooters using an avg. rate of P9.74/kWh

2Based on Meralco Power Lab tests on Supersoco 4kW E-Motorcycles using an avg. rate of P9.74/kWh

3Based on Meralco Power Lab tests on 125cc (6.6kW) Honda Wave ICE Motorcycles using an avg. rate of P79.66L of gasoline)


Other E-vehicle  benefits: 

  • Convenient charging at home or in the office (just bring your adaptor) 

  • Zero emissions 

  • No monthly change oils needed 

  • Less noise pollution