Auto-Payment Arrangement is a scheduled payment method arranged with your banks. Choose between Automatic Debit or Automatic Credit Arrangements.

1. For Auto Debit - Allow your bank to debit the bill amount from your account on the due date and send the payment to Meralco.

2. For Auto Credit -  Auto charge your electric bill to your credit card.

Auto-Payment Arrangement is a convenient payment method that ensures you never miss a bill. Your bank settles payments for you - whether charge your bill to your credit card or debit from your bank account.

APA payments are settled by APA agents by the bill's due date.

You will need to coordinate with your preferred bank(s) to enroll in an Auto-Payment Arrangement.

You can unenroll from APA via Meralco Online. 

Step 1. In the dashboard of Meralco Online, look for Accounts or Account Details

Step 2. Select Account to be unenrolled and click Unenroll from APA button.

Step 3. Complete the fields and click on "Submit"


Alternatively, you can also unenroll APA directly through your banks or at any Meralco Business Center.

Your APA enrollment will be effective once Meralco receives confirmation from your chosen APA agent/bank that your request has been processed. You will receive an e-mail once your APA enrollment has been processed and approved.

Please call the Meralco hotline 16211 or go to any Meralco Business Center for assistance.