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What's new?

As part of our commitment to provide you with better experience online, we powered up the Meralco Mobile App.  

Check out its new design! You can still enjoy the same features you love but now more pleasing to the eye and easier to use.

We also addressed some log in issues so you can have a smoother experience when accessing your account.

No new features added but you can still enjoy the same features you love. We also simplified and updated the design of the Meralco Mobile App for a more streamlined experience. We also resolved login issues so you can access your account with ease.  

Note: We recommend to clear cache for better user experience on your browser. To clear your cache, refer to the PDF guide below.

Try using your email address and password. If you are having trouble accessing your account using these, try logging in via the "Login with Google/Facebook/Apple" buttons. These buttons will direct you to enter your Google/Facebook/Apple credentials to gain access to your Meralco Online account.

We're sorry to hear this. After our latest update, you can try logging in again using your third-party account by simply clicking the "Login with Google/Facebook/Apple" buttons, which will direct you to enter your Google/Facebook/Apple log in credentials.

As part of the Meralco Mobile App's latest update, you can now choose to reset your password when you unlink your Meralco Account from your Google/Facebook/Apple accounts. Please follow the steps outlined in the prompt message that will appear on your screen (You may refer to the sample prompt below). You have the option of logging in with your email and password or resetting your password.

With Associated Account

Please retry your login by clicking "Login with Google/Facebook/Apple" and entering your Google/Facebook/Apple credentials. We have addressed this issue through the latest update.

To ensure the security of our customers, we require our users to change their passwords when they expire. As a result of the latest update made to Meralco Mobile App, you can now reset your password by following the on-screen instructions (You may refer to the sample below).

Password Expired
Password Expired 2
Password Expired 3