Pasay Residents Enjoy Benefits of eCFEI

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Pasay Residents Enjoy Benefits of eCFEI
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Pasay Residents Enjoy Benefits of eCFEI
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Pasay Residents can now apply for electricity safely, easily, and conveniently


Engr. Victorino B. Espinola III (Sales & Relationship Management Officer, Pasay BC), Mr. Ricky Joseph B. Martinez (Head, Malate – Pasay Business Center), Atty. Leoponville Ndota Wambui dc Gitau (Legal Counsel, Local Government & Special Projects), Hon. Imelda “Emi” Calixto – Rubiano (City Mayor of Pasay), Ms. Margarita “Maita” B. David (Head, Home & Microbiz – Central Business Area), Engr. Edwin Javaluyas (Building Official / City Engineer, City of Pasay), Mr. Leonard Renz S. Liwanagan (Relationship Manager, Pasay Business Center)


With the help of Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano, and in accordance with RA No. 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business Act, a memorandum signed on July 14, 2021, has come into fruition. This allows the residents of Pasay City to safely apply for electricity through the Electronic Certification of Final Electrical Inspection (eCFEI).


Putting The “Easy” In eCFEI

With the onslaught of COVID-19, Calixto-Rubiano sought to minimize exposure of Pasay City residents by speeding up all face-to-face transactions in local government offices, including the electricity application process. Engr. Edwin Javaluyas rose to the challenge as the Head of City Engineering and Building Official. Keen on providing a more comfortable and safer experience for CFEI applicants, he proposed a new 2-way communication process that would lessen multiple trips to the Local Government Unit (LGU). Through eCFEI, approved CFEIs from LGUs to Meralco may now be submitted electronically. The LGU will e-mail the list of approved CFEIs daily, and upon confirmation, Meralco notifies the customers that their CFEI has been approved. This is projected to lessen the Service Application process up to 2 days, making it efficient, safe, easy, and secure.


Collective Effort Towards Digitalization

Digitalizing the electrification process was made possible through the aligned efforts of Pasay’s City government and its Meralco Business Center.

With Engr. Javaluyas’ direction, a Technical Working Group (TWG) was formed to further execute his proposal. This group was comprised of Engr. Christine Boarao, Relationship Manager Renz Liwanagan, Field Representatives Gillbert Herrera and Jonald Macaraeg with additional support from Pasay Business Center’s Engr. VJ Espinola III and Malate-Pasay Business Center Head Ricky Joseph Martinez. The TWG also had several discussions with Meralco Legal Counsel, Atty. Leoponville Gitau in drafting the official MOU while Pasay City’s ICTO Head Mr. Edwin David was consulted for the creation of eCFEI email addresses. With the importance of minimizing face-to-face transactions in mind, this effort confirms that service innovations are truly on the way.


Making Things Official

With the final proposal in place, the partnership was put into writing in a small event held on July 14, 2021. The MOU was signed by Mayor Calixto-Rubiano and Meralco’s Chief Commercial Officer Ferdinand O. Geluz and Central Business Area Head Margarita B. David. Also in attendance were Engr. Javaluyas, members of the Technical Work Group, and Atty. Gitau.

To smoothen the transition to eCFEI, the city also received 5 computer units care of One Meralco Foundation. ”These donations will further our mission in performing our duties and functions to defeat COVID-19 as we continuously assist and attend to the needs of the frontlines within our jurisdiction,” says Hon. Imelda “Emi” Calixto – Rubiano.