Meralco supports the development of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, biomass, and other sources to provide you with a sustainable and clean source of power.

Choosing the right renewable energy source to power your home or business means matching the right technology with your needs and with your environment.

  • Choose the right solar provider
    Select a supplier who has good track record, reliable after-sales service and is knowledgeable in standards for safety.

  • Discuss your requirements with your solar provider
    Assess the right amount of power you need for your home/business. Know what your highest electricity consumption is at a single point during the day because this will determine the maximum amount of power you need. This will translate to the right size of installation you should purchase. Having this information can prevent you from overspending on your installation and ensures that your electrical appliances/equipment can operate safely.

  • Know the right type of installation best for your home/business use
    Some solar installations can be designed to power-up only a particular part of your home or business without connecting to the same system where electricity from Meralco passes through (e.g powering up the lights in your living room or just your airconditioning outlet).

Some solar installations can be designed to contribute to the total power requirement of your home/business. Under this setup, make sure that your solar provider interconnects with Meralco to ensure safety and proper installation.

Improper installations can cause harm to you, your home/business establishment, the surrounding premises, and even to Meralco linemen and field personnel.
Electrical fire and electrocution hazards
Improperly installed solar panels can cause electrical fires and electrocution endangering you, your home/building structure, and those around you.
Safety of Meralco’s linemen and field personnel
Some contractors don’t install a shut-off feature. When Meralco needs to make repairs along your street, power is completely shut-off in the affected lines. Without a shut-off feature, your solar installation could provide even a small amount of electricity to the power lines, causing harm and even death to the linemen and field personnel.
Instability of the Meralco network
Solar installations which are incompatible with the Meralco system can cause fluctuations in the quality of power across the circuit affecting your neighbors.
Risk of damage of roofs
Faulty installations may lead to risk of damage during powerful typhoons and heavy rain.
Proper registration of the meter
If your contractor doesn’t install the right meter, Meralco might read the power provided by your solar panels as additional consumption. This means you will be billed for both the power you consumed from Meralco and the power your solar panels provided.

Ask your solar installers to inform Meralco before your installations are put up so we can help in assessing it if it is safe and will not compromise safety.
The Net-Metering program is designed to benefit you with lower electricity bills from the avoided or reduced power that you draw/purchase from Meralco. Also, an added benefit to this program is your ability to earn bill credits on your Meralco bill, by exporting unused or excess electricity generated by your solar panels back to Meralco.
The maximum allowed generating capacity under the Net-Metering Rules is 100 kW, subject to technical considerations. As such, any solar installation that is beyond 100kW is currently not eligible for the Net-Metering service.
  1. Allow us to illustrate how Net-Metering works:

    What happens during nighttime or on cloudy days:

  2. How to apply for Net-Metering:
    1. Receipt of Application
      Submission of application form and documentary requirements.

    2. Technical Evaluation
      Distribution Impact Study (DIS) and Pre-survey Note: Distribution Asset Study (DAS) to be implemented only if required or applicable. DIS/DAS is not applicable for “island mode” implementation where your installation is not connected to the Meralco system.

    3. Design
      Design of Interconnection Facilities

    4. Project Agreement
      Financing options, notification, settlement and signing of contracts

    5. Approval of Facility
      Inspection of service entrance

    6. Release of Project

    7. Energization
      Installation of additional meter, commissioning

Ask your solar provider to inform Meralco prior to installation so we can help in assessing its safety.