Enjoy lower electricity rates with our Peak/Off-Peak (POP) Program

Meralco’s Peak/Off-Peak (POP) rates program is an alternative pricing scheme based on the time of day that electricity is generated, and the cost of supplying electricity during that time.

Peak and Off-Peak Hours

Peak Hours
Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm (13 hours)
Sunday 6pm to 8pm (2 hours)
Off-Peak Hours
Monday to Saturday 9pm to 8am (11 hours)
Sunday 12am to 6pm (18 hours) and 8pm to 12am (4 hours)

When enrolled in Meralcos's Peak/Off-Peak Program, electricity generation charges are cheaper during hours of the week.

POP Rates vs Non-POP Rates

The POP generation rate is cheaper at P3.55/kWh for off-peak hours vs P5.69/kWh for Non-POP customers, saving you up to P2.14/kWh*.


Rates above are subject to Generation Charge Adjustment (GCA) which may vary monthly

Application Fee

Customer and Meter Type POP Application Fee (Base Amount) POP Application Fee (Inclusive of 12% VAT)
Residential Single-Phase Meter* Php 975.00 Php 1,092.00
Residential Three-Phase Meter Php 1,330.00 Php 1,489.60

* Most residential customers have a single-phase meter

Read the checklist below to know if POP is right for you

  • Your minimum average electricity consumption is 500kwh per month
  • You are usually out of your residence during peak times
  • You use more electricity during the specified off-peak periods
  • You can adjust your lifestyle to be able to maximize high-consuming appliances during off-peak hours
  • You have no prior records of any violation of contract or service irregularities

Want to know more about availing and benefiting from Meralco POP? Message us through Meralco Facebook Messenger, or email us at customercare@meralco.com.ph. You can also book an appointment here or go to any of our Meralco Business Centers and we would be glad to assist you.