Tips on Improving Energy-efficiency

Bright Ideas for Energy Efficiency
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TIP 1: Match your aircon horsepower (HP) to the size of your room. 

Your aircon’s efficiency heavily depends on the space it will cool. Getting a bigger or smaller aircon is not necessarily better. An aircon unit too big for the size of your room is likely to turn on and off more frequently and in effect, consume more energy in the process. On the other hand, an aircon that is too small for the size of your room never stops running as it will continuously work to reach your desired temperature level.

As a consequence, an aircon that’s not the right size for your room can cost you an extra P965 per month*!

*Based on Meralco Power Lab tests on different aircon and room size scenarios at 25°C night time use.

Aircon size should be considered
Room Size Aircon Horsepower (HP)
6 to 11 sq. m 0.5 HP
12 to 17 sq. m 0.75 HP
18 to 22 sq. m 1.0 HP
23 to 27 sq. m 1.5 HP
28 to 40 sq. m 2.0 HP
41 to 54 sq. m 2.5 HP


Tip 2: Adjust according to the amount of sunlight your room gets.

If your room is heavily shaded, get an aircon with a lower HP. If your room gets too much direct sunlight, consider getting an aircon with a higher horsepower so that it can cool your room efficiently.

Aircon Tip 2


Tip 3: Take into account the number of people using the room. 

If more than two people use the room, you should get an aircon with a higher HP.  An additional warm body means there will be more heat inside the room which will need the extra cooling capacity.

With these tips, you can enjoy your aircon during the summer without worrying about the costs!

Put into account the number of people using the room