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Bright Ideas Energy Savers
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Are you ready to power up and beat the summer heat with Meralco Bright Ideas? This summer, #WeGotThePower to transform the way we use electricity to be more energy efficient!

Did you know that your electricity consumption can increase by 10-40% during the months of March, April, May, and June? This is because the surrounding heat increases the consumption of cooling appliances like Aircons and refs whose compressors work harder to cool and achieve their target temperatures. Plus, we tend to use fans and air coolers longer and more often.

But don’t worry, with Meralco Bright Ideas tips and hacks, you can manage your bills and stay cool all summer long. Volt in with the family to get these done:


Here are five tips for air conditioners (AC):

  1. Use a fan or air cooler to boost your AC.
    This will help cool the room faster and reduce your AC’s workload. Face the fan away from the AC and save P175.20/mo.*
  2. Clean AC filters every two weeks.
    This will ensure that it’s running efficiently and savings of P474.00/mo.**
  3. Set your AC temperature to 25℃ instead of 18℃.
    Studies have shown that this is the optimal temperature for your comfort, and cooling time is the same regardless of temperature. Doing so can save you up to P1,017.00/mo!*
  4. Set your AC timer an hour earlier, and switch to a fan.
    Your fan will help keep the air cool until you wake up - save P80.87/mo!***
  5. Install curtains or blinds to block out the sun’s heat and keep your room cooler.

*As tested on a 1HP conventional window-type AC.
**As tested on a 1HP conventional window-type AC in an 18-sqm room with two people
***As tested on a 1HP conventional window-type AC that ran for 7 hours, and 16” stand fan that ran for 1hr

Here are five tips for refrigerators:

  1. Check if your fridge door seal is tight.
    Seals in good condition help avoid warm air from going in and will save you P434.81/mo!* Do a paper test to check:
    1. Inspect the seal for damage like cracks, tears, or holes
    2. Insert a paper or bill in-between the seal and the fridge
    3. Pull out the paper. If there is some resistance, that part of seal is working fine; but, if the paper slides out too easily, then the seal is loose.
  2. Keep your fridge about 67% full.
    This will help maintain its temperature and reduce the energy it uses. Doing so can save you P247.77* vs overloading.
  3. Set your fridge to mid-setting for optimal energy savings.
    Shifting from high to mid-setting can save you P202.09/mo.*
  4. Keep your fridge away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
  5. Defrost your direct cooling fridge at least once a month to keep it running efficiently.

*As on tested on a 7cu.ft. two-door conventional direct cooling refrigerator.

Here are five tips for fans:

  1. Consider upgrading to a DC fan.
    DC or direct current is a new tech for fans where the electric current flows in one direction, consequently, consuming less energy than AC or alternating current wherein the current reverses. This new tech gives you more fan speed settings but uses less power and can save you P122.40/mo.*
  2. Clean your fan blades every two weeks to ensure that they’re running efficiently.
  3. Unplug your fan when not in use.
    You may plug it into a power chord to make it easier to turn off.
  4. Consider a fan instead of AC for small spaces.
    Based on tests, a 16’’ stand fan consumes only P0.51/hr on low, P0.59/hr on medium, and P0.65/hr high setting.**
  5. Use a fan (and setting) that best suits your home setup and budget.
    Based on tests, different types of fans have different costs to use: stand fans – P234.00/month; personal fans – P28.80/month; industrial fans – P572.40/month; bladeless fan – P190.80/month.***

*As tested on a 16" DC 35w stand fan vs 16" AC 70w stand fan
**As tested on a 16" stand fan
***As tested on a 16” 70w stand fan, 5-blade clip 10w personal fan, 18” 165w industrial fan, and 56w bladeless fan that ran for 12 hours daily for a month using a Meralco rating of 10.4539 per kWh.

And here are five new energy-efficient technologies that are relevant for the summer:

Energy Savers
  1. Air coolers can be an alternative to ACs.
    If you just need to cool small spaces for a few hours – these cost only P0.76/hr to use.
  2. Ice makers can save you during your summer get-togethers.
    These just cost P1.22/hr to use.
  3. Energy-efficient LED light bulbs can help reduce the heat generated by your lighting.
    You can further shorten your usage by using motion-sensor LED bulbs and save P25.72/month.
  4. Smart power strips can help you manage the power consumption of your appliances and turn them off when they’re not in use.
  5. Calculate!
    Check and track your appliances’ consumption using the Meralco Appliance Calculator.

So don’t let the summer heat drain your energy and your wallet. Remember, with Meralco Bright Ideas, we’ve got the power to stay cool and save energy.