With KLOAD, the power to manage your electricity spending is in your hands.

  • Monitor
    Stay on top of your electricity spending with daily and on-demand load balance notifications via SMS. Additional notifications will also help you manage your account: low load reminder, reload confirmation, rate adjustments, and disconnection/reconnection alerts.
  • Control
    Reload whenever you need to in the load denomination you prefer. Gain flexibility in your electricity spend without worrying about monthly bills nor load expiration.
  • Enjoy
    With the information at hand, you allow your family to enjoy the use of appliances without the risk of overspending. You can also tailor-fit your next appliance purchases depending on your budget.


  1. KLOAD customers will not receive a monthly bill. If you need a record of your account details and transactions, you may visit the nearest Meralco Business Center.

  2. KLOAD does not have an expiration date. Any unused load will remain in your account.

  3. An account with zero load will be disconnected. If it remains disconnected for 90 days, the account will be terminated, and the meter will be pulled out. To re-activate service, the customer must visit Meralco Business Center and comply with the requirements.

  4. You can change the cellphone number registered to your account anytime. Just visit the nearest Meralco Business Center and present a valid ID (if you are the registered customer) or an authorization letter from the registered customer.

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