Orange Tag

Orange tag
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The more you know, the better! Let’s take a closer look at the important information you will see on a Meralco Orange Tag.

Parts of Meralco Orange Tag

How much does it cost to use your appliances at home?

Check out the most common appliances and their estimated costs of consumption.

Stand Fan

16" Stand Fan

Cost per hour

Window type Air Conditioner

0.5 HP Window type Air Conditioner

Cost per hour

Smart Touch Rice Cooker

1.8 L Smart Touch Rice Cooker

Cost per use

Top Load Washing Machine

Top Load Washing Machine

Cost per wash

Two Door, Inverter

10.1 cu ft. (Two Door, Inverter)

Cost per day

32" LED TV

32" LED TV

Cost per hour

Estimated Cost to Operate are based on Meralco Power Lab tests using typical and/or normal usage conditions of the appliance. For more details of the test, see model-specific tested appliances.

See how we compute for the cost of operating appliances. Just click on a category to view the rates and computations of your appliances.

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