Moving into your new home or starting a small business

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  1. Fill out the application form and prepare these basic documents.
    • A valid government-issued ID. (View the list of accepted government-issued IDs here.)
    • Proof of Occupancy documents. (View the list of accepted Proof of Occupancy documents here.)
      > If you are renting a home or property, you will also need to submit the Undertaking, Disconnection Waiver, and an authorization letter from your landlord.
    • An electrical plan or list of electrical appliance
  2. Expect to be visited for pre-surveys and inspections.

    A series of pre-surveys and inspections is required for all new applications. These inspections will determine if your home or business is qualified for an electrical connection.

  3. Construct your service entrance.

    Once your application is approved, you’ll need to construct the necessary service entrance, which will house your electric meter and must follow Meralco technical and safety standards. You can have one of our certified contractors or a private electrician do this for you. Just make sure that your service entrance matches with our standards to avoid repeating the process.

    Once completed, let us know so we can make the final inspection. You must also complete all required local government inspections and submit a Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) before we can energize your home.

  4. Prepare your bill deposit.

    Since electricity is billed after it is used, we will be requiring a bill deposit (similar to a security deposit) before completing your service application.

    The bill deposit is equivalent to your estimated billing for one month which is based on your load schedule or applied load. This is reviewed on a yearly basis and is updated based on your current consumption or what we call the Annual Update of Bill Deposits (AUBD). To know more about AUBD, click here.

Need technical and safety standards assistance? Our Certified Contractors and Electricians are here to help you energize your home or business.

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