How do you apply for Net Metering?

  1. Complete and submit the necessary documents.
    Document Remarks
    a. Application Form Interested customers need to get the form from Meralco and accomplish it accordingly
    b. Identification Documents Residential – ID & Proof of Valid Occupancy
    Business – Secretary’s Certificate

    c. Certificate of Compliance (COC)

    Form 1 – applies to individuals and non-individuals
    Form 2 – additional form for non-individuals (e.g. corporations, organizations) 
    Get from Meralco and accomplish form with the help of your RE supplier/contractor
    d. Certificate of Renewable Energy (RE) Facility Equipment Request from your RE supplier/installer
    e. Updated Electrical Plan, duly signed and sealed by Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) Get from your PEE
    f. Plant Parameters Form Get from Meralco and ask your RE supplier/installer to complete the form.
    g. Distribution Impact Study (DIS) No DIS fee will be collected from customers who applied starting October 26, 2019.
    h. Certification of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) Secure from your LGU. The LGU may require a wiring permit before issuance
    i. Amended Net Metering Agreement (NMA) Get from Meralco, sign and have it notarized
    j. Fixed Asset Boundary Document (FABD) Get from Meralco based on submitted electrical plan
    k. COC Application Fee of Php 1,500.00 Prepare Manager's Check or Cashier's Check payable to “Energy Regulatory Commission”
  2. Invite us over for a technical evaluation

    Meralco will evaluate your application and requirements through a field study called the Distribution Impact Study (DIS). The DIS is a study we conduct to find out the potential effect of your solar installation on our distribution system. If DIS results show an upgrade of the distribution facilities is needed, a Customer Renewable Energy Asset Study (CREAS**) will be conducted. CREAS fees will be determined depending on the asset study conducted to determine the engineering solution that would be needed to accommodate the RE installation.

    After this, we’ll coordinate to your solar installer the proper interconnection of your solar PV installation to your load and to the Meralco system. Your solar installer shall then finalize the details of your solar PV interconnection.

  3. Schedule an inspection to get final approval

    We will also inspect your facility and service entrance to ensure compliance to standards. Once approved, we’ll install your bi-directional and REC* meter and conduct the testing of the interconnection of your solar PV in our system.

  4. Power up your installation

    Once we have replaced your existing meter with a bi-directional meter, installed a REC* meter and have successfully tested and commissioned your solar PV, you can now safely use and enjoy the benefits of your solar Net Metering installation in powering your home.